Injuk - the intelligent juke box

Version 0.3.1
Date Jun/2006
License Freeware
Size 4.06 MB
OS Java: System Independent
Requirements Java Runtime Environment 5.0 or higher[Download]
Description Injuk (INtelligent JUKebox) is a tool that
  • creates custom playlists according to song properties (e.g. only happy and wild songs by the Beatles and Metallica and only 2 songs per artist)
  • orders the playlists („e.g. randomize but not the same artist twice“)
  • plays the songs in an internal and external player
  • exports the songs (e.g. to a USB-Stick)
  • ==>Injuk lets you create compilation CDs or a radio-like 1000 songs playlist according to your current mood and taste within a few seconds
[Download program] (All use at your own risk)
Installation and start Extract the zip-file then run injuk_0_3_1.jar (on windows, you can just double-click the file)
[Download English documentation]
[Download German documentation]
[View list of open bugs/future plans]