Version 1.0.0
Date May/2007
License Freeware
Size 241kb
Requirements Java Plug-in. Version 1.6.0 (also called Java 6) or higher (see links for latest version)
Description Never miss a new album/book/movie of your favorit bands/authors/actors again! With OutNow you can specify a web site (e.g. wikipedia) that contains that current releases in a list or a table. OutNow checks for any new items periodically and shows a message whenever there's a new release. To install OutNow, unzip the file (e.g. to C:\Program Files\OutNow\). To start OutNow just double-click the jar-file. Tip: Put OutNow in your autostart folder or minimize to tray and let OutNow check for new releases every day.
[Download] (All use at your own risk)