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Finally I've written a little painting program that can execute JavaScript to manipulate images. This way it's possible to do things like adding 1000 rectangles in a random color or turning all pixels into circles with one click... Read here to find out more.

Out now: OutNow! Now you never have to miss a new album/book/movie of your favorite bands/authors/actors again, because there's OutNow. Check it out here!

BackupAndSynch version 0.3.0 is out. It now has a BackupFileSystem(BFS)-feature that zips all files and stores the data together with their path in the zip files. This way problems with long file paths on CDs/DVDs can be avoided and size can be reduced. Get it here!

Space Lord 2 - a litte space shooting game that can be played over the internet is finished. Check it out here!

BackupAndSynch Version 0.2.0 is out. It now provides synchronization. Get it here!

I've written a SuDoKu game called BrightSuDoKu. Try it here!

I relaunched my web-site. Try my new MP3 jukebox program Injuk Version 0.3.1!